Bjørnar Nørstebø

Bjørnar Nørstebø is an industrial designer with versatile and useful experience from various industries, tasks and projects.  He is now employed by SINTEF Building and Infrastructure (Department of Science Communication) occupied with visualization of building information. He’s currently working on his thesis Adapting visual dissemination.
Bjørnar Nørstebø will present at the symposium:

A new role for visualization in knowledge dissemination?

The ongoing changes in terms of digitalisation, industrialisation, internationalisation and customisation require a new perspective on communication in the building industry regarding timing, format and adaption of the knowledge needed. Preproduction and manufacturing of completed elements and building modules enforce the need for holistic and diverse information early in the project to encounter the further consequences of the chosen building design.  At the same time, communication, cooperation and contracts must be open and flexible to handle changes as the construction project develops.  development demands an open access system of flexible information throughout the lifetime of the project. How can visualization and its role in knowledge diffusion respond to this challenge and this development?