Wednesday 10. October 10.00 -17.00

Time Name Theme
10.00 Tim Anstey &
Michael Hensel
10.10 Emma Street Regulating the built environment:
a (brief) history
10.35 Anders Kirkhus Non-functional aspects of performance-based legislation
11.00 Short break
11.10 Erik Sigge The rational era – 60s-70s initiating performance demands
11.35 Helena Mattson Towards Performance Based Regulation: Building Codes as a Site of Organizing Life
12.00 Lunch
Exhibition in the AHO hall:
Byggforskserien; Past, Present, Future
13.00 Marja Lundgren Performance demands in building codes conditioning architecture, exemplified through energy and daylight
13.25 Rob Marsh Exploring the paradox of Nordic passive solar architecture: on the negative consequences of changing regulative paradigms and architectural responses from 1970 to 2020
13.50 Short break
14.00 Jørgen Hallås Skatland Society’s blueprints − A study of the Norwegian building code’s modal descriptions of a building
14.20 Bjørnar Nørstebø A new role for visualization in knowledge dissemination?
14.35 Håvard Haukland Spacemaker – transforming the “blank sheet” industry with artificial intelligence
14.55 Short break
15.00 Tim Anstey &
Michael Hensel
Podium discussion
16.00 END

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