The aim of the symposium is to establish a space for conversation and networking for researchers working in the field and to give an overview of ongoing research on building regulation and close related issues, such as guidance and knowledge production connected to building regulation. What are the questions asked? What are the necessary questions to be asked?

The symposium in October 2018 will be followed up by a larger conference on building code in spring 2019 that will focus on the Nordic perspective regarding the development of the building code.


In 1978 the Nordic Committé for Building Regulation (Nordiska kommittén för byggbestämmelser, NKB) presented a common framework for the Nordic Countries, which is based on a performance-based regulation. The transition from prescriptive based regulation towards performance-based regulation is interesting from a critical architectural history and theoretical perspective and constitutes a challenging and ongoing process that engages also various research communities. It also raises the question what the next step of development for the code might be. This symposium constitutes the first Nordic gathering of researchers focusing on architecture and nordic regulation from both a critical and operative perspective.

Challenges of performance-based regulation

A critical view of aims, effects and design of performance-based regulation.
The (ongoing) transition from prescriptive-based to performance-based regulation:

  • History of regulation & development (aims and effects)
  • Analysing the aims and outcomes of Nordic performance-based regulation
    (Interaction with and influence on architectural design and societal goals)
  • Challenges of performance-based regulation in order to reach the original aims (of freedom in solutions and design, a base for innovation etc, how can a performance-based regulation be formulated?)

Guidance, dissemination and knowledge production related to regulation

  • The role of visualization of performance-based regulation
  • Digitalization as phenomenon impacting the design of regulation
  • Legislation, guidance and dissemination to avoid uniformity and normalization

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